In 2015, Mr. Cullen formed Hope for the Hurting as a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization with a mission to assist the less fortunate among us and provide a foundation for people to improve their lives.  With the help of several generous donors, Hope for the Hurting, which started with a single location in Los Angeles, has expanded to multiple locations in both Californian and Indiana. 

The charity now has four facilities that serve men and woman who struggle with mental illness and/or drug and alcohol addiction.  These facilities provide housing, food and varying levels of counseling and medical services to assist the clients.  In addition, the charity through its Strike Out Against Drugs program, actively speaks to children in school settings throughout the Los Angeles area.  The goal is to persuade children to avoid a pathway which leads to the experimentation and use of alcohol and drugs  SOAD has touched the lives of tens of thousands of children and adults in the Los Angeles area and has received numerous awards.

Please consider donating to this worthy charity.  All donations are tax deductible.  Contact us for more information.

Below are some of our current initiatives.

Beacon of Hope – Los Angeles


The Beacon of Hope facility located just west of downtown Los Angeles was the first major undertaking for the charity.  This beautiful Victorian residence has been home to thousands of men since opening in 2013.   It is a refuge for men seeking help for addiction and/or mental health challenges.  Over the years, it has developed a reputation as being one of the best run facilities of its type in the Los Angeles area.

Wabash Recovery


(Before & After)

What once was an unused church building in Kokomo, Indiana, has been transformed into a home for men seeking help for drug and alcohol dependency issues.  It was built to help meet the needs of this vastlyunderserved population.

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Oasis Recovery


The charity received a donation from an extremely generous couple, who was like minded in their desire to help people with substance abuse issues.  This property consists of two homes located on five acres in the beautiful countryside of rural Indiana.  The charity is in the process of obtaining licenses and approvals to operate a residential facility at this location that provides full time care for people in need.

Strike out Against Drugs (SOAD)

SOAD is led by individuals who are dedicated to keeping children from a life of drug and alcohol abuse.  Through real-life testimonies and outreach programs, SOAD is sending a positive message to our children before they become involved in destructive types of behaviors, all of which can lead to violence or illegal activities. Through the sharing of personal experiences of how this type of lifestyle has destroyed countless lives, SOAD’s real-life messages cannot be matched by any text book or statistic.  We are real people telling our stories.  To date, this message has been communicated to thousand upon thousands of children in Southern California.

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Here are some awards and commendations received by SOAD.

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